About Us

We are a regional law firm representing clients with national businesses.  Our clients include retail energy suppliers and brokers, energy efficiency companies, IT companies, real estate developers, franchisees, health care providers and private equity companies, to name a few.  We help startups of all types and work with individual investors and entrepreneurs, and we are experienced litigators.  We handle sophisticated and exciting projects for great companies.  For example, we’ve assisted U.S. investors in the acquisition of a holding company that acquired a Japanese retail energy supply company, we’ve represented international insurance companies in litigation over insurance claims stemming from allegations of asbestos exposure, we’ve worked with private equity involved in retail energy, we’ve advised entities in the retail energy industry from startup through exit and we’ve acted as lead counsel in mergers and acquisitions in numerous industries.

We are a non-traditional law firm in structure, part of the new breed of law firms.  There are numerous firms like ours throughout the country, some with a handful of attorneys, some with hundreds.   Like them, technology plays a major role in our operations. We enable our attorneys to do what they enjoy the most, in the way they want and in the environment they choose.  Our attorneys have big law experience, entrepreneurial personalities, and a desire to collaborate with each other.

The attorneys at Goehl, Schuering & Cassens, LLP are prepared to assist you or your company.  Please contact us to learn more.